ROSE D'ANJOU Gamay Grolleau  Château de Fesles Château de Fesles Loire wine Rosé d'Anjou 2020

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Château de Fesles - Loire wine Rosé d'Anjou - 2020 - 75 cl

ROSE D'ANJOU - Gamay Grolleau

  • Geographical Situation : Symbolic property of Anjou, the Chateau de Fesles was built in the XIth century at the top of the third peak of the Val de Loire, overlooking the Layon river. The vineyard dates from the same period, and the archives of the Chateau mention that the vineyard of Bonnezeaux is quoted in 1055 by the monks of Gué du Berge. During the 12th century, the count of Anjou, Henri Plantagenet II takes the throne in England and promotes the trade of Anjou wine. Over the centuries, the successive owners of the Chateau de Fesles are aristocratic families, which maintain the Chateau and gradually develop the vineyard. It takes until the second part of the XIXth century for a family of winemakers empassioned by wine, the Boivin family, to acquire the property. For three generations, the Boivin family suffers many setbacks including the terrible phylloxera, and therefore contributes widely in the increase of the vineyard, the improvement of the techniques of vine growing and wine making, and in business development. Then the property is completely restored in 1991 at the request of its owner at that time, Mr Gaston LENOTRE. Finally, one thousand years after its creation, this unique and remarkable 50 Hectare domain is still advancing, thanks to a partial conversion to organic farming begun by its present owner, the Family HELFRICH.
  • Vinification : We do a maceration for the Grolleau to obtain the pink colour and we press the Cabernet Franc directly. Then, we let the wine in the tanks with the lees until the moment to put it in the bottles.
  • Color : Intense pink
  • Nose : The nose is expressive with some aromas of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry...) and black fruits (mulberries...) thank to the Cabernet Franc.
  • Mouth : The mouth is round and soft, thanks to the complexity of the aromas. The end of the mouth is swett and fresh in the same time.
  • Recommendations : This rosé wine will be perfect for the aperitive, with some barbecue or dessert. It will be the perfect wine for all your spring and summer meals.
  • Service temperature : 7-8°C
  • Conservation : 1 year
  • Acidity : 0
  • Sugar : 16g/L
  • Alcohol : 11.5%

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