Traditional Method

Wine made according to the "Methode Traditionnelle"

All our sparkling wines are producing according to the traditional method of bottle fermentation.

The know-how and the expertise of our oenologists enable us to produce high quality sparkling cuvees. These uniquely made wines are produced following a maturing period between 12 months and even sometimes 3 years to fully express their aromatic potential and taste.

The  “Methode Traditionnelle”  involves six essential steps :


1 - The First Fermentation

After the harvest, grapes are pressed and are vinificated in stainless steel tanks.  The first natural fermentation (transformation of the sugar into alcohol) takes place to obtain a basic wine.


2 - The Bottling

Our cellar master is blending the different basic wines. He adds a combination of sugar and yeast when the wines are bottled. Bottles are closed with a plastic capsule and are stored lying in wooden cases in our troglodytic cellars which benefit from a constant temperature of 12°C.


3 - The Second Fermentation

This period produces a second alcoholic fermentation during which the yeast and sugar slowly transform into alcohol and carbonic gas. Once the fermentation is over, the wine is left to mature for 12 to 24 months or even more when it comes to prestigious wines.


4 - The Riddling

Riddling is a technique transferring the yeast deposit down into the neck of the bottle. Nowadays, we are using mobile pallets called “gyropallets”, directly inclining cases containing 500 bottles. During the riddling, the bottles are placed in a horizontal position, and then simultaneously turned and tilted until reaching a vertical position, thereby allowing the deposit to slide down into the neck of the bottle.


5 - The discording

This step entails removing the bottle’s deposit.

The closed bottles are placed upside down with the neck in a refrigerated solution at minus 25°C. After a few minutes, an ice cork forms in the neck thereby capturing the deposit.

The bottle is automatically placed on the line, put into an upright position and opened. Under the pressure, the ice cork is ejected, thereby eliminating the deposit from the bottle.


6 - The « Liqueur d’expédition » adding

The lost volume is topped up by the “liqueur d'expédition “. This liqueur is important in determining the wine’s style. Depending upon its composition (rate of sugar) it will produce either a brut or semi-dry wine.

After that, they are then dressed up with the final cork, a wire hood, a label and a neck label.

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